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Engagement, Traffic, And Conversion.

At Infobay, our media buying campaigns are based on a single premise: the quality of the results is more important than the quantity of traffic. Whether you’re a large brand introducing a new product or a small or local business looking to expand your social presence, our digital media buying team is ready to provide a customized strategy that will boost your business ahead. 

Our Services Include:

Our Specialities


Our team is proficient in all social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, X and LinkedIn. Our social media strategies are geared to your specific requirements, whether you want to increase social engagement, establish a social audience, or drive targeted traffic to your online platform.


Infobay not only specializes in social media buying, but we also offer digital media buying solutions for all of the leading digital advertising platforms, including AdWords, Bing/Yahoo!, Doubleclick, and more. Each direct response campaign is personalized to your specific business objectives, with platforms selected based on fit and predicted ROI.


An effective lead generation strategy consists of various components, including content production, media placement, and even email/ CRM integration. Our lead generation efforts examine the entire sales funnel, beginning with bringing "the right" traffic to your website.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most typical requests from our customers. Our mobile app install campaigns are designed to use high-performing advertising platforms to increase app downloads and encourage post-download reviews.


Video marketing is on the upswing, and we can also help you increase your video views. Infobay's digital media buying services can improve website traffic and product demo or how-to tutorial video views regardless of the social network to which they are uploaded.


Influencer programs are emerging as a fresh avenue for media outreach, but they come with costs and require considerable time. Social Toaster’s digital media buying solutions offer a hassle-free way to handle these programs.

Our Process


Our first step in any campaign is to collaborate with you to ensure that we thoroughly understand your company and objectives. We want to learn about your marketing objectives, target audience, and campaign ROI.


Once we have this insight, our digital media procurement strategists will find the channels, ad units, and platforms that best serve your objectives.


With an established plan, our team will conduct many a/b test campaigns to discover early wins and critical opportunities.


Once the initial testing is completed, our media buyers proceed to increase the volume of the purchase. This allows us to maximize the campaign's ROI by making sure that your media dollars are used as efficiently as possible.


Following the completion of the campaign, your digital media buying team will provide a thorough summary of the campaign results, including strategic insights and recommendations for future initiatives.


Our first step in any campaign is to work with you to ensure we have a firm understanding of your business and goals. We want to uncover your marketing goals, target audience, and the expected outcome/ROI of the campaign.


Once we have this understanding, our digital media buying strategists set to work identifying the channels, ad units and platforms that we will believe will best serve your specific goals.


With a clear strategy in place, our team will launch several a/b tests campaigns to identify early wins and pivotal opportunities.


Once the initial testing is complete, our media buyers begin to scale the volume of the buy. This allows us to maximize the ROI of the campaign by ensuring your media dollars are being spent in the most efficient manner possible.


After the completion of the campaign, your digital media buying team will provide a detailed overview of the campaign results that will include strategic insights and recommendations to support future campaigns.

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